Our Story

Our love for farming began in March of 2018. Tractor Supply Company had their annual Chick Days and we had to go check it out. That was the very first time we ever held a baby chick and that was moment that began the rest of our lives. Neither one of us grew up on or around a farm so many of our friends questioned where this passion came from. We questioned it ourselves... But they say, "when you know, you know" and we knew this is what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. Although our story begins with chickens, as most do, we quickly realized we would not stop there. During this light bulb moment, we lived on a quarter acre of land in the middle of a downtown city and it was not feasible to house any other animals than your standard pet dog or cat.

Farmer Sign

We decided it was time to find a property with more land... a lot more land. We searched for well over a year before we found our dream land in January of 2019 somewhere in NC. We immediately jumped to get our home ready for listing. We were lucky to have to put our home on the market and had a contracting buddy that was ready to buy. 30 long days later, it was closing time. We bought our dream home in March of 2019 and began rolling with the punches. We quickly learned that farming on more than .25 of an acre was more difficult and there were many speed bumps in the road (like escaping goats 5 days after purchase and tractors breaking down a month after purchase - major "eye roll"). Now we are professional students and continue to learn how we can best serve our community, restore the soil and our soul.