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Whole Chicken

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We ask that you pick up your chicken on harvest day - if you are unavailable to pick up on harvest day, your whole chicken will be frozen.

Harvest Dates:

Sunday, May 29th (time TBD)
Sunday, June 5th (time TBD)
Sunday, June 19th (time TBD)
Sunday, July 3nd (time TBD)

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About Our Pastured Raised Chicken:

Our chickens are raised on pasture as soon as it is safe for them to go outside, usually from 3-5 weeks old depending on season and temperatures.

These beautiful birds are moved to new grass every single day to ensure they have fresh greens, forage, bugs and minerals in their diet daily. In our opinion, this is the healthiest way to raise chickens. We raise all of our animals ethically and harvest as humanely as possible.

Chickens are omnivores, so in addition to pasture access, they are also provided with a feed ration to ensure they are meeting all of their nutritional requirements. We do not provide our chickens with any medicated feed, antibiotics or hormones.

Please understand these chickens are not going to be what you find in the grocery store. There are much healthier, prettier, juicier and tender. Read more about our pasture raised chicken here.

Check out this 10 minute YouTube video for how to cut up a whole chicken from our neighbors at Sow The Land.