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Pork Share, Whole

Pork Share, Whole

Whole Pork Share Deposit

Whole Pork/Hog Share Deposit* $100.00

*Non-refundable deposit (unless unforeseen circumstances occur on our end) goes towards total cost of meat


Looking for a half hog share, click here.

What are pork shares?

Pork shares are a convenient way to purchase your pork cuts in bulk. When you consider the cost of buying 100+ pounds of pork at the individual cut prices, the savings can add up quick.

What is the price per pound for hanging weight?

Our prices range from $7.25-8.50 per pound of hanging weight for a whole pork share. This price does include processing fees now (it previously did not). Meat curing fees and sausage link/patty fees are separate.

Which processor do we use?

We use Pinnacle Meats for our meat share processor. They are located at 1201 McEntire Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139.

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