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Pork Share, Whole

Pork Share, Whole


If you're looking for a way to skip the grocery store and get more meat for less money, then our pasture-raised pork share is exactly what you need.

Buying meat in bulk is a way to save money, but not skimp on quality. But it can be hard to find pasture-raised pork in bulk—until now!

Our pigs are raised on pasture and through the woods. They are never treated with antibiotics or hormones, so every bite is delicious and healthy.

You can customize the cuts of meat in your share based on how big a pork lover you are—down to how thick you want your pork chops cut or how large you want Boston butts. You can opt out of cuts that your family doesn't eat or grind everything to sausage. The options are endless!

The great thing about purchasing a whole share of pork is that you get every bit of the pig (minus the feet and head). This includes the organs, too—heart, kidneys and liver.

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Important Info:

  • Deposit is required to secure your share.
  • Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE unless something happens on our part. By placing your deposit, you understand these terms and conditions.
  • Deposit will go towards the total cost of your share.
  • Whole hogs typically hang at 170-180 pounds and yield approximately 120-130 pounds of take home meat.
  • For more information, please visit our FAQ page.