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Vegetable Container, Tomato, Beefsteak

Vegetable Container, Tomato, Beefsteak

Grow tomatoes in a container!

Don't have room for a garden plot? Grow tomatoes in a container! Our tomatoes are in a two gallon pot and can be up-potted into a 5 or 10 gallon container as they grow. Add a trellis and have fresh tomatoes all season long.

These containers can also be transplanted into the garden for a head start on the growing season.

These are non GMO, organic and heirloom seeds!

What are heirloom seeds?
Generally, heirloom seeds can be saved from the plant to grow more the following years! This means you do not have to buy more seeds for next year's garden if you save your seeds and store them properly. How cool is that?! We can get you started with our transplants!