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Whole, Half, and Quarter Meat Shares

September 7, 2022

In today's economy, it is becoming more efficient to purchase your meat in bulk. Grocery store prices are only going to increase more and it won't be self sustaining for very long. Not to mention, the scare of meat shortages. When buying your meat in bulk, you are paying a lower price per poundage and you are receiving more cuts, better quality and supporting your local farmers!

Here are some of the most FAQs below. We hope this helps!



Important definitions:

Live weight - the weight of the animal when it arrives at the processor

Hanging (hot carcass) weight - dressed out weight of the animal..

Yield weight - weight after the livestock has been cut into various packages. This is what you will take home. This is approximately 60-70% of hanging weight.



What are pork shares?

Pork shares are a convenient way to purchase your pork cuts in bulk. When you consider the cost of buying 100+ pounds of pork at the individual cut prices, the savings can add up quick.

How much pork can I order?

We offer whole shares and half shares. If you believe this might be too much for you, many of our customers choose to go in on a share with family and/or friends.

How much do pork shares cost?

Our whole pork share prices are $7.25-8.50 per pound of hanging weight. Half pork share prices range from $8.50-10.00 per pound of hanging weight. This price does include processing fees. Please understand that we reserve the right to change our prices at any time without any notice due to the ever changing price in the economy.

When can I purchase a pork share?

Our next pork share harvest is to be determined. 

How do I reserve my pork share?

Choose from a whole hog or half hog share from the drop down above. Whole hog shares require a $100.00 deposit and half hog shares require a $50.00 deposit. All deposits are non-refundable unless an unforeseen circumstance occurs on our end. This deposit will go towards the total cost of your share. Deposits are required in order to reserve your hog share.

For a Whole Pork Share Deposit, click here.

For a Half Hog Share Deposit, click here.

How much pork will I take home?

We raise Berkshire cross pigs. Our pigs weigh approximately 220-250lbs (live weight) at the time of harvest. Pig hanging weight is approximately 160-180lbs. Once processed, the yield weight (what you take home) will be approximately 100-150lbs for a whole share and 50-75lbs for a half share. Please keep in mind that poundage will vary because every animal is built differently. 

Where can I learn more about the different pork cuts?

We have a full blog post dedicated to explaining different pork cuts. You can find the post here.



We do not have beef shares available at this time. Most info to come.



Which processor do we use?

We use Pinnacle Meats for our processor for our shares. Pinnacle Meats is located at 1201 McEntire Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139.

Who pays the processing fees at the butcher?

The customer. We have it set this way because processing fees can vary depending on which pork cut packages you choose. Processing fees for our selected butcher are currently $0.95 per pound of hanging weight, plus a harvest fee of $85.00/hog. These prices can change at any time per the butcher. We do our best to keep up with these changes.

Are there any other fees?

There is a harvest fee of $85.00 per whole pork share ($42.50 for a half pork share). If you would like to have your meat cured, our butcher charges $2.00/lb. If you prefer sausage links or patties, there is a $2.00/lb fee. Please note: these prices can change at any time per the butcher. We do our best to keep up with these changes.



What happens after I pay my deposit?

We will email you with further instructions and you will then choose which pork cut packages you prefer for your share. BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EMAIL.

When will I know the final price of my share?

Since price is based off of hanging weight, the butcher will contact us with the weight and we will contact you for final payment.

When is my full payment due?

Full payment is due before picking up your meat or delivery.

Will I need a freezer?

We highly recommend investing in a freezer (more than one is recommended). Keep in mind that 1 cubic foot of space will hold approximately 35 pounds of meat.

How do I get my meat home?

You will pick up your finished product from our butcher within 24-48 hours of being ready. Our butcher calls us and we will contact you.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we can deliver within 100 miles of the farm for an extra fee. It is required that you are present when your share is delivered. Our current delivery rate is $2.00 per mile from our butcher's location. These rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can send us an email at or give Stacie a call at 828-772-5994.



We do not have any available shares at this time. Be sure you are subscribed to our mailing list for all the updates!


Last updated: 01/2023

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