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Join the 300+ families who now feel confident about where their meat comes from.

We cooked one of Edwards Family Farms' whole chickens for dinner tonight. There were no leftovers. Can't wait to do it again.
Les (Waynesville, NC)
Edwards Family Farms eggs are the best. My husband and I both agree and our daughter hasn't eaten an egg in 5 months and she ate them with no problem!
Natalie (Candler, NC)
I am so thankful I found Edwards Family Farms! Every product that I have purchased has been exceptional in quality, packaging, and most importantly flavor!
Andrea (Marion, NC)
Edwards Family Farms is very trustworthy and dependable for your farm meats. Worth every penny.
Donnie (Marion, NC)
Edwards Family Farms grows the best pork and chicken on pastures and no antibiotics or pesticides. I really can’t brag enough on how they manage the land and their animals.
Trisha (Nebo, NC)
I was surprised when I bought my pork that Stacie and Austin provided me with assistance to prepare the cuts I bought, but also opening the door to new foods and recipes. I appreciate the extra step Edwards Family Farms takes to ensure I am comfortable preparing the meats.
Ben (Marion, NC)
We buy 2 whole hog shares from Edwards Family Farms every year. Each time, we feel more confident knowing where our food comes from. We appreciate the knowledge that comes with the products because we have never received that anywhere else.
Yerlene (Candler, NC)
Buying our chicken from Edwards Family Farms gives me peace of mind knowing my kids are not eating junk.
Misty (Burnsville, NC)
Ever since I have bought my meats from Edwards Family Farms, the meals I prepare at home have been significantly better and gives me comfort feeding my family.
Morgan (Old Fort, NC)
The chicken we purchased from Edwards Family Farms is juicy and delicious. This is the first chicken I have felt comfortable feeding my toddler.
Anna (Marion, NC)