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  1. Where is our farm located?
    We are located in Nebo, NC - about an hour East of Asheville.
  2. Do we raise all of our meats?
    Yes, we raise all of our meats. We do not source from any other farms.
  3. What types of meats do we raise?
    Currently, we raise chicken, pork, beef, chicken eggs and rabbit.
  4. Is our meat organic?
    We do not hold the USDA certification for organic products. However, our animals are rotated on pasture or through the woods and live as they should, mimicking nature. Read more about our farming practices here.
  5. How is the meat packaged?
    Our meat is vacuum sealed or shrink wrapped and frozen to maintain quality and freshness.
  6. What cuts of meat are available for purchase?
    We have retail cuts of meat, bundle boxes and bulk meat shares available.
  7. How do I get my meats?
    We have several different options for receiving your meats. You can pickup or have your products delivered by us weekly. View our locations here.
  8. What is the policy for returns or refunds if I'm not satisfied with the quality?
    While we believe you will be 100% satisfied, in the rare case you are not, please reach out to Stacie using the form above.
  9. Are there customer reviews or testimonials available for the meat products?
    Absolutely. See why over 400 customers continue to choose us here.
  10. How are retail cuts of meat priced?
    Our meat is priced by the pound. When you order online, your final total will be adjusted once your order is packed. But an average weight is listed for each product.
  11. Are there instances when certain meat products might be out of stock?
    Yes. We are continuing to grow every day thanks to you, but our meat and eggs are in high demand. We encourage you to get on our guest list so you are the first to know when we have product available. Click here to be added to the guest list.
  12. Do we take pre-orders?
    Yes, but this is only available to our email subscribers. Click here to get on our guest list so you can be the first to know when new products are available or back in stock. Be sure to open the emails from me so you do not miss these opportunities!