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Our Story

Austin and Stacie Edwards moved from Black Mountain, NC to the beautiful foothills of North Carolina in early 2019 with the intention to raise their own food, become more sustainable and flee from the craziness of city life. While neither of them have a background in farming, they knew this is exactly what God had called them to do.

The land they purchased really needed some work to restore the soil and grow healthier forage for their animals. Since then, they have been practicing regenerative methods in order to give more life and organic matter back to the soil through rotational grazing, no till methods, natural fertilizer and more! Many of their friends and family still say they would have never thought these two would start a farm, yet here they are - raising happy, healthy food for their family and for yours!

About Stacie:

Stacie graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness Promotion from the University of North Carolina Asheville in 2017. Her background is in health, fitness and nutrition and was previously an online fitness coach.

The dream to raise her own food was inspired by the clients she served. This came about because her clients had such a hard time grocery shopping for healthy food options and were confused by all of the labels on products. Stacie became frustrated with the marketing ploys and the unhealthy foods claiming to be healthy so she decided to get ahead of the issue and raise her own food, because you are what you eat, eats.

With her background in nutrition, this gave her the opportunity to research what was truly good for our bodies and allowed her to educate others about the food they were consuming.

About Austin:

Ever since he was a small child, Austin knew his lifelong dream was to become a firefighter. While he is a full time firefighter, he knew everything he was eating was not the best for him. With his wife's encouragement (we can hear the men laughing!), he agreed to start a farm and raise healthy food for his family.

Now both are encouraging and educating others to really understand how their food is raised, what it is eating and providing education on how to raise their own food.