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Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs

Undeniable freshness
Sold Out

Sold by the dozen.

Laid by happy, healthy, free ranging hens who never receive antibiotics, hormones, steroids or medicated feed.

  • Available in one dozen recycled egg cartons
  • All eggs are unwashed to preserve the bloom
  • Assorted sizes and colors


What does the date on the carton mean?

We place a date on the carton to represent the date the oldest egg was laid. All eggs in the carton have been laid within a day of each other.

How do I store my eggs?

We recommend storing your beautiful unwashed eggs on the counter to display for all your guests! Keeping your eggs unwashed on the counter will keep them fresh for 2-3 weeks (sometimes longer). You can also place unwashed eggs in the refrigerator to last from 3-5 months.

How do I wash my eggs?

We encourage everyone to always wash their eggs before use. We recommend using a damp cloth/paper towel the same temperature as the egg wiping it down before boiling or cracking it. For tougher particles (because these eggs do not undergo a chlorine bath like store bought eggs), we recommend using a clean scrubber sponge on that difficult area only. Once washed, use your eggs immediately or store them in the fridge.



Chicken eggs