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Chicken, Breasts, Bone In

Chicken, Breasts, Bone In

Packed with flavor
  • Tender & juicy
  • Bone in, skin on breast
  • 2 bone in breasts per pack
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed for freshness

Fuel your children's growing bodies with pure, clean protein – and our chicken breasts deliver just that.

Free from antibiotics, hormones, or any other unnecessary additives you might encounter elsewhere – it's simply straightforward chicken.

So tender and juicy, our chicken is so enticing that you won't need to resort to bribes with Oreos just to get them to finish their meal. Give them the goodness they deserve, bite after delicious bite.

  • Frozen and vac-packed for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 1 lb per package
  • 2 juicy bone-in, skin-on breasts per package

Pricing is based on per pound, and your final total will be seamlessly calculated at checkout.


Prefer boneless and skinless? We have those too! Click here for boneless and skinless chicken breasts.



Chicken, bone in breast