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Chicken, Drumsticks

Chicken, Drumsticks

BBQ fave
$9.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.1 lb.
  • BBQ's favorite chicken
  • Delicious dark meat
  • 4 drumsticks per pack
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed for freshness

Picture a sunlit summer afternoon, a gentle breeze carrying the enticing aroma of charcoal, as your significant other grills up a batch of mouthwatering BBQ drumsticks.

Meanwhile, children playing tirelessly in the yard, eagerly rushing to the picnic table for a delightful feast.

Envision yourself in this scene—made complete by savoring our delectable drumsticks.

Yup, this could be you so snag a pack of our pasture raised drumsticks today!

  • Frozen and vac-packed for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 1 lb per package
  •  4 decadent drumsticks per package

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