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Chicken, Feet/Paws

Chicken, Feet/Paws

Great additive to chicken broth or stock!
  • Average price per pack listed
  • Collagen booster
  • Perfect dog treats
  • Delicious broth or soup additive
  • 10-12 feet per pack 
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed for freshness

Introducing our Pasture Raised Chicken Feet – the mom-approved secret weapon for enhancing family meals and pampering your four-legged companions with love!

Crafted from our chickens raised with care on lush pastures, these chicken feet are your best-kept culinary treasure. Loaded with natural flavors and wholesome nutrients, they're the perfect addition to transform your home-cooked meals into masterpieces.

Elevate your family's favorite soups and stews with the nourishing touch of our Pasture Raised Chicken Feet. Slow-cooked to perfection, they infuse your dishes with a rich, collagen-packed goodness that adds a homemade warmth and depth of flavor. It's the culinary shortcut every busy mom needs for creating hearty, nutritious meals without sacrificing quality.

And for the furry members of your family, these chicken feet aren't just an indulgence – they're a health-conscious treat that your pets will adore. Spoil your dogs with a snack that supports their joint health and shiny coats, all while giving you the peace of mind that comes with offering them a natural and wholesome treat.

Bring the magic of quality, ethical choices to your family table with our Pasture Raised Chicken Feet. Whether you're stirring up a savory broth or delighting your pets, these chicken feet are a mom's ally in creating moments of joy and well-being for everyone she loves. Choose the best for your family – choose Pasture Raised Chicken Feet.

  • Frozen and vac-packed for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 1 lb per package
  • 10-12 chicken feet per package

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Chicken feet - no skin