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Chicken, Hearts

Chicken, Hearts

Nutrient dense powerhouse
  • Average price per pack listed
  • Packed with protein
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Low in fat
  • 20-25 hearts per pack 
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed for freshness

Introducing our Pasture Raised Chicken Hearts – the perfect addition to your family's plate! Sourced from our chickens that roam freely in open pastures, these little wonders offer not just a delicious flavor but also a boost of goodness for your loved ones.

Imagine serving up a meal that's not only tasty but also nutritious. Our pasture raised chicken hearts are a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. Tender and flavorful, they bring the wholesome goodness of our farm to your table.

Listen supermom, we know you're always on the lookout for meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Well, these chicken hearts are packed with protein, low in fat, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals – making them a smart choice for your family's health.

Cook them up in your favorite recipes, whether it's a quick stir-fry or a hearty stew. Your family will love the homemade goodness, and you'll feel good knowing you're serving up quality, pasture-raised ingredients.

Elevate your family meals with the heart-healthy joy of pasture raised chicken hearts – because every bite should be a moment of love and well-being for those who matter most.

  • Frozen and vac-packed for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 1/2 lb per package
  • 20-25 nutrient dense hearts per package

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Chicken hearts