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Pork, Ears

Pork, Ears

Fresh and ready for dehydrating


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Avg. 8 oz.
  • Perfect for dehydrating
  • Amazing dog treats
  • Frozen for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 0.5 lb per package
  • 2 ears per package

Introducing Our Premium Forest-Raised Pig Ears: A Blissful Treat for Your Furry Friend! 🐾

Embark on a gastronomic adventure for your beloved pet with our exclusive Forest-Raised Pig Ears – a delectable delight crafted with love and care for your furry family member!

πŸƒ Purity from Nature's Canopy: Our pig ears are sourced from pigs that roam freely in the pristine and natural environment of lush forests. This ensures a pure and wholesome treat, free from artificial additives, hormones, or preservatives. Your pet deserves nothing but the best, and we deliver just that straight from the heart of nature!

πŸ’ͺ Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Packed with essential nutrients, these forest-raised pig ears are not just a tantalizing treat but also a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Boost your pet's overall health, promoting a shinier coat, stronger teeth, and a robust immune system. Indulge your fur baby with a snack that not only delights their taste buds but also nourishes their well-being.

🌟 Tail-Wagging Taste Sensation: Watch your pet's eyes light up with joy as they savor the irresistible flavor of our forest-raised pig ears. The perfect blend of natural goodness and mouthwatering taste will make these treats an instant favorite, turning every snack time into a celebration.

🚫 Chew-tastic Dental Health: Say goodbye to dull moments and hello to dental benefits! The act of chewing on our pig ears helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting healthy gums and teeth. Turn playtime into a dental care routine with these satisfyingly chewy treats that keep your pet's dental hygiene in check.

🌈 For All Breeds and Sizes: Whether you have a petite pooch or a majestic giant, our forest-raised pig ears are suitable for all breeds and sizes. The chewy texture makes them a fantastic option for both puppies and senior dogs, ensuring that every member of your fur family can indulge in the goodness of nature.

🌲 Sustainable and Ethical: Feel good about the treats you give your pet! Our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing means that every purchase supports responsible farming practices, creating a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of the animals.

Spoil your pet with the luxury of nature's bounty. Choose our Forest-Raised Pig Ears and treat your four-legged companion to a world of flavor, health, and happiness. Because they deserve the very best – naturally! πŸΆπŸ’š

  • Frozen for quality and freshness
  • Approximate weight of 0.5 lb per package
  • 2 ears per package

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Pork ears