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Pork Share, Half

Pork Share, Half

Non-refundable deposit

Pork. The kind you buy at the grocery store.

It's expensive and it's far from ideal.

That's why we've created a better way to get your meat fix—a way that saves you money, gives you exactly what you want, and is good for the planet.

Introducing our pork share program! Our pastured pork is raised on a diet of forage and grains, never given antibiotics or hormones, and used in the entirety of its life cycle. We use the whole pig to make sure that every part of it is used for something: sausage, bacon, chops, roasts, ground meat—no part goes to waste*!

And best of all? You can skip going to the grocery store for a long time when you order bulk meat shares.

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Important Info:

  • Deposit is required to secure your share.
  • Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE unless something happens on our part. By placing your deposit, you understand these terms and conditions.
  • Deposit will go towards the total cost of your share.
  • Half hogs typically hang at 90-110 pounds and yield approximately 60-80 pounds of take home meat.
  • Half share price is $7.50/lb of hanging weight plus a one time harvest fee of $42.50.
  • For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Approximate total cost: $720-870**

    *Half shares do not include organ meat. Head and feet are not available.

    **This is AN ESTIMATE ONLY and does not serve as a final total. Every animal is different and we are not able to provide an exact total until harvest.