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5 Fall Cocktails to Mix This Season

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's time to elevate your celebration with a delightful array of cocktails that go beyond the traditional wine and beer. I list my 5 favorite fall cocktails to make and enjoy!

6 Reasons to Choose Pasture Raised Turkey this Year

Turkey is the big talk of fall. It's either turkey or football (or... pumpkin spice) - around here it's mostly turkey. When we talk turkey, it usually goes something like "that guy just came off pasture a few days ago" or "I bet you have never tasted a turkey that fresh before." Yeah, we are weird. Don't worry - our family looks at us weird too lol. Those may not be the exact conversations you have with your family around Thanksgiving, but we can give you some talking tips that won't make you the weird one. Here are some reasons why you should choose our pasture raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving meal and what you can tell your family about them... 1) Our pasture raised turkeys have access to forage, bugs, and many other delicious treats.  Because turkeys are very effective grazers, they are moved to fresh pasture every few days.  This provides them with variety of fresh greens, plants and bugs which means that the meat is higher in nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.  2) Our turkeys are able to soak in the sun, have plenty of room to move around and ample fresh air. They get to frolic and play, literally. Conventional turkeys are shoved together under one roof with fake light, no outdoor access and breathe fecal dust. Click here to pre-order your holiday turkey. 3) Our turkeys are free from any antibiotics or hormones. Our turkeys never receive antibiotics or growth hormones. They are raised naturally and ethically so that you can feel confident feeding your family this holiday season. 4) We raise heritage breed turkeys meaning they are not bred to be fast growing and chunky. The first time we raised turkeys, we opted for the production birds. We found that they did not meet our standards when it comes to turkey meat so we have opted to raise heritage breeds now.  Plus heritage breeds are way prettier. They grow slower, are able run around and act like a turkey without enduring the health problems their commercially bred cousins do. 5) Our turkeys are slaughtered and processed by the same hands that raised them. They are not tightly packed on a truck and driven across country to be slaughtered. Because they have been with us since they were days old, they are comfortable with us and show no fear. Our turkeys have one bad moment in their lives and that moment is as fast as a blink of an eye. This means a more tender, less stressed, juicier bird. 6) Purchasing our pasture raised turkeys means you supporting your small local farmer and you know exactly where your food came from. You show up with confidence knowing your family is eating the best turkey out there. It is nutrient dense and naturally raised. Nothing compares to that joy. And you're really cool because you can tell your family all about it. 😉 Click here to pre-order your holiday turkey. Let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving side dish is in the comments below!