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Pasture Raised


Pasture raised farming has been around much longer than industrial farming. Heck, this is where farming began! 

Back in the day, animals were able to forage on pastures led by humans as they travel from homesite to homesite. We call this rotational grazing now, but back then it was just how farming was.

So what does pasture raised mean today? 

Well, our animals are given ample roaming space, access to fresh forage, grasses, worms, insects, nuts, seeds, sunlight, fresh air.

This allows them to live the way they were intended too: pigs rooting, cows chewing cud, chickens scratching, goats climbing, rabbits hopping.

Pasture raised meats are proven to be healthier and more nutrient dense than their commercially raised counterparts.

It is also observed that the animals themselves are healthier and much happier when raised as God intended.

So, pasture raised means that animals are raised on pasture outdoors. But at Edwards Family Farms, we take it a bit further and implement regenerative agriculture practices, ensuring proper animal welfare, ethical farming practices and raising a healthier product for our customers.

Bundle, Pork Sausage Sampler

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Pork, Boston Butt Roast Large

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Pork, Ears

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Pork, Fat (Belly)

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Pork, Ham Hocks

Uncured and ready to flavor your dishes!

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Pork, Heart

High in essential B vitamins

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Pork, Kidneys

High in vitamin C and iron

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Pork, Leaf Lard

Smooth, soft and creamy

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